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Since you worked hard to obtain your home, car, business and other assets, you more than likely choose your insurance carefully. Accordingly if you have suffered a personal injury, your property has been damaged or you have been accused of negligence and have insurance for such an event, you deserve to receive the full benefits of your policy. If your insurance claim has been denied in the wake of any of these challenging scenarios, we can help. Call us today at 802-775-8800 to speak with a qualified attorney regarding your situation.


Perhaps your actions have caused someone else’s personal injury, and your insurance company claims that the damages are not covered by your homeowner’s policy. We can fight the insurance company’s denial of coverage.

Perhaps there is a dispute over what is covered in a mold or storm damage claim. We can analyze your coverage and work to compel the insurance company to honor its duty to defend and/or indemnify.

Construction insurance often does not cover errors and omissions on the part of a builder. However, coverage may still apply. For example, if a building collapses due to a builder’s error, the building may not be covered by insurance, but damage to third-party property may be covered. We can determine coverage issues and fight for compensation or coverage.

Insurance companies sometimes claim clients purchased the “wrong” insurance, and that there is no coverage for damages. We can investigate sales tactics and stated coverage, and, if possible, pursue parties responsible for selecting the coverage.

Disputes regarding coverage between homeowner’s and business policies are common. We can determine your coverage and fight to compel the liable insurer to pay your claim.

Do not accept your insurer’s word that you are without coverage. Our attorneys at Cleary Shahi & Aicher, P.C. can assist you with any insurance coverage issues, whether simple or complex.

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Insurance litigation can involve significant expense from the premiums you have paid to the coverage you have purchased. Cleary Shahi & Aicher, P.C. will fight to protect your rights. Please contact us at 802-775-8800 to schedule a free initial consultation.

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