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Vermont Personal Injury Defense Attorneys

When faced with a lawsuit, you deserve a trial lawyer who will protect your best interests and diligently pursue justice on your behalf. At the law firm of Cleary Shahi & Aicher, P.C., in Rutland, Vermont, our experienced trial attorneys understand how much you have at stake personally and professionally.

We are zealous advocates who are committed to defending you against claims that threaten your assets and reputation. You can rely on us for clear communication and to provide you with peace of mind while focusing on protecting your interests and lessening your exposure to damages.

If you are involved in a lawsuit, you deserve a lawyer who will protect your best interests and diligently pursue justice on your behalf.


Proudly Serving ALL of Vermont

Office Location

Cleary Shahi & Aicher, P.C.
110 Merchants Row
Suite 3
P.O. Box 6740
Rutland, VT 05701

Toll Free: 802-775-8800
Phone: 802-775-8800
Fax: 802-775-8809
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Experienced Trial Attorneys Focused On Protecting Your Interests

Our Vermont lawyers for litigation and personal injury defense are experienced in numerous areas of the law. They have resolved thousands of legal matters for individuals and organizations. We have represented some of the largest companies in Vermont and the United States, and we will bring the same level of case analysis, preparation and presentation tactics to your case.

As a small firm with vast experience, we respond to your needs and concerns competently, swiftly and through cost effective measures.

To learn more about the types of cases we handle, see our litigation defense overview.

Building The Strongest Possible Defense On Your Behalf

Our legal team includes nurses, lecturers, authors of legal articles, a former prosecutor and a former intern of the California Supreme Court. We believe that these varied backgrounds help our lawyers build stronger cases as they have unlimited access to one another's diverse knowledge and experience.

We provide our clients with access to a higher level of professional and technical experts than they may otherwise encounter at another firm. Throughout our years of practice we have built professional relationships with professional and technical experts from a variety of fields who we rely on to aid us in protecting the your interests and lessening your exposure to damages.

Burlington Employment Law Defense Lawyers | Legal Malpractice Defense

To discuss your trial needs with an experienced attorney, contact us today to schedule an initial consultation at no charge. We will work to determine a proper course of action that reflects the unique circumstances of your case.

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